On the 20 – 21 of September, the «CNC WORLD» seminar was held in «KAMI» Moscow central office showroom. By this seminar KAMI Association offers a series of training workshops on technology and secrets of woodworking and furniture production.


The two — day seminar brought together more than one hundred companies from Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Kaluga, Novgorod, Ulyanovsk, Tula and other areas and big cities of Russia. Especially for the seminar, there were organized two multimedia classes.

At first, everyone had the opportunity under the direction of «Gemma — 3D» company developers examine the work of the software and create their own 3D software model. At the second, the demonstration of 3D RANGE VISION scanner was organized.

During «CNC WORLD» seminar, «KAMI» Association presented the most complete classification of «Beaver» CNC equipment ( from the simple Beaver 09 AT2 model, up to industrial type Beaver 3021 model with tools change capacity and equipped with NESTING technology (optimum distribution of parts for large format sheet material and then cutting out of wood plate by end mill).

Especially for visitors of the seminar the experts of «KAMI» developed a memo on the selection of CNC equipment, which outlines all the important points when choosing equipment. The additional months hardware warranty for «Beaver» CNC machines were also presented as an unprecedented offer to visitors of this seminar.

Following the principles of integrated approach to manufacturing instrumentation, «KAMI» presented to visitors attention a full range of tools, spare parts and equipment for tool preparation.

Completing the full production cycle of wood processing, the seminar presented the finish stage of wood processing by using manual milling tools, as well as wax and oil coatings technology. In order to provide all the participants can get an integrated and comprehensive knowledge, the program was divided into following blocks:

I. The introductory lecture part (features of CNC routers equipment)


II. Practical part:

  1. Work on nine models of «Beaver» CNC routers of varying difficulty, from light series to industrial series.


  1. Education and training for construction of models and preparation of software control programs for machining of complex parts on CNC router machines (using the «Gemma — 3D» software ).


  1. Scanning of complex work piece and the subsequent model processing using 3D RANGE VISION scanner, for the manufacture by CNC equipment.


All the objectives of the «CNC WORLD» seminar has been successfully implemented, and all the visitors received invaluable technical knowledge to optimize the operation of CNC equipment, that can reduce the time for work piece production, retaining high quality treatment.

Here are few reviews of this seminar:


Ms Mary Nizortseva: (head of the design department of «Norplast» company ).

«Our company is engaged in manufacturing accessories for automobiles. We were interested in the equipment for modeling equipment: how to choose CNC machines, what models they are, and what exactly suited specifically for our purpose. We were very interested in 3D scanning this item, we use this technology in your company, and it was interesting to get some more practical advice. I am, as a technologist, interesting in the process of transfer of the 3D model version from CNC device up to the machine: what POST — processors should be used for creating software control programs, I want to see how it works in practice»..


Mr Andrei Nesterov: (the owner of the factory in the Moscow region).

«It was long time ago, we have been purchased «Beaver» 09 model, and use it during long time. There are a number of technical questions concerning maintenance of mechanical parts and using the software».


Mr Nikolai Shumilin: («Target Communications — M» JSC )

We are still far from this subject, but there is a desire to diversify our manufacturing directions and start to produce something «with our own hands». We are gravitating to the production and creativity. We want to do in the future that will not dry up. Therefore, we focus on the processing of wood as a promising area of our efforts. Knowing the serious approach and experience of «KAMI», we have come to the seminar for practical experience. As for begining, we want to handle small panels on light models of the machines. We believe that the greatest demands for market are decorative pieces for furniture, wall and floor coverings. The most interesting for us is the practical aspect of the seminar, namely using CNC router machines, because we work closely with the software programming. The main idea for us is to start with something small, and then get to solve more complex problems that may require more sophisticated equipment.


Mr Nikolai Panchenko: ( «Mebel» JSC, Moscow)

«The main requests from us were software programming and adaptation of the work piece drawings for manufacturing on CNC router machines. Many thanks to «Gemma» company: they explained and shown very smart. We were very interesting for scanning, as well — has received exhaustive information. Also we are to come and see new models of machines, such as 5 — axis CNC routers, and to ask the price of the machines. We are sure, you need to continue this practice, it should be the place to come, to see the new models, to touch them»live», to bring our operators for training. This is a big advantage! And, of course, to see it myself is very important too: what to teach personel, what modes of processing, materials and tools to use..».


Mr Sergey Sundikov: («DSP-Center», Ust-Kamenogorsk town, Kazakhstan)

We are working for a long time with «KAMI». So when we heard that there will be a seminar, immediately signed up and came to watch in «real time» all the new models. It is very valuable for our work! We came from Kazakhstan and did not regret entirely that have arrived! We have seen and have felt how wide the scope and power of «Kami» enterprise. In addition, I believe that our cooperation will grow up!»

Objectives of the first workshop were as follows:

1) Give the customer clear criteria for the selection of CNC equipment (for specific production tasks).

2) Describe the design features that affect the performance and accuracy of the machines.

3) To introduce all classification of models and manufacturing process of «Beaver» equipment at the factory.

4) Education:

  • The general principles of operating of CNC machines
  • The proper using of software
  • The selection of optimal treatment for woodworking.

5) Demonstration:

  • Modern methods of providing 3D models (2D and 3D scanning of objects).
  • High quality of products and high speed of processing of the material.
  • A wide range of spare parts, tools and equipment for the preparation of the tool for production
  • Professional and highly trained service technicians, were able in the shortest time to prepare the entire range of equipment for the seminar.
  • How to finish and refine the products using CNC equipment: application of decorative surface layers, as well as refinement by using boron-hand cutters and grinding in the production of exclusive products.


Visitors to the seminar noted the high demand for such workshops in the future, that enable customers to get as follows:

  1. Improve technical competence.
  2. Explore new and optimize existing production technology.
  3. Get advice on maintenance of equipment.
  4. To have real plans for their upgrade and production expanding.

Summing up the results of the event, we can confidently say, the aim was achieved, that became evident for the organizers and visitors of the First Home «CNC WORLD» seminar.

«KAMI» Association highly values ​​its customers and in October 2013, is planning the next seminar on wood technology and waste wood recycle processing industries. Follow the news and visit us in October!


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